Monday, November 19, 2007

The Witness

I'm almost finished with our November book club pick. It's a mystery/suspense by Christian author, Dee Henderson. I loved the idea of a great suspense novel without all the violence/gore/f-bombs dropping all around. I guess I expected too much - I was looking for James Patterson in James Dobson clothing. The story line is great - good ideas that are well thought out. But I don't need the predictable romance that seems forced just to satisfy a secondary genre. (Three single sisters who need the help of a single police chief, a single detective, and his (surprise!) single partner??? Who didn't see this one coming?) Henderson should stick with mystery and not try to woo a crossover audience.

This is the first thing I've read by Henderson and I'll probably give her a second try. She is supposedly the greatest thing happening in the world of Christian authors. It is nice to find a talented author that doesn't want/need to use real-world language/situations (ie... the f-word, and tons of sex) to sell novels. However, I was still hoping to find a Patterson caliber book with basic values.

Traca "still hoping" Miller

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