Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mark of the Lion

A review of Francine Rivers' Mark of The Lion Series, by my cousin Brandi Compton

Rivers also wrote a series called the Mark of the Lion. Three books set back in the Roman days, approx. 60 years after Christ is crucified. It's about a Jewish girl who is a Christian and when Jerusalem is captured by the Romans she is sold into slavery to a very prominent Roman family. You follow along with her struggles to tell her owners the story of Christ and her fears that she will be discovered a Christian and fed to the lions at the gladiatorial games. VERY good series full of love, passion, war and mercy and not to mention miracles!

"This classic series has inspired over half a million readers. Journey back to the crumbling Roman Empire and meet Haddassah, a young slave girl; Marcus, a handsome aristocrat; Atretes, a brave gladiator; and Rizpah, a beautiful young widow. The gospel of Christ is the only weapon they have to battle the immorality that surrounds them –will they be wise enough to use it?"

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